Gerda Taro , ゲルダ・タロー , 格爾達太郎 , 格尔达太郎

biography of Gerda Taro , ゲルダ・タロー , 格爾達太郎 , 格尔达太郎 . google doodle celebration today

(written by Ileme · Sharver, translated by Takada Yuriko, commentary by Sawaki Kotarou, Sho-ten) is a full-fledged world biography of a battlefield female photographer, Gerda Tallo .

By the text of this book and Kotaro Sawaki ‘s commentary, I could know many things. The first is that Gerda was a woman in love. The second is that Robert Capa, who is younger than 3 years old, became obsessed with Gerda and propose it was rejected. Thirdly, even after the proposal failed, the two continued working together as a battlefield photographer. Fourth, despite the refusal of the proposal by Capa, after the death of Gerda, Gerda heard that he was his wife and he did not have a serious relationship with other women. Fifth, the picture of the “crushed soldier” who raised the name of Capa is the possibility of the work taken by Gerda, not Capa. Sixth, after World War II, Capa, who has made further leap as a photographer in the United States, is concerned about the aspect of the community of Gerda who was a cooperative partner in the US, Soviet Cold War system, and works of Gerda High possibility of announcing as my work. The seventh is that the possibility of deriving from “Taro Okamoto” who was familiar with the “Tallow” of the artist · Name called Gerda · Tallow is high.

“It was a fate as a Jewish person to let her go (Paris) to pursue her (Gerda) from the land of Germany where the family lives.” After that, all the members of Gerda’s family were eliminated by the Holocaust.

“Route Thelf, who probably was the one who knew most about Gerda, said:” There is not a thing such as chastity and relation maintenance ability in Gerda, it was pretty selfish in friendship. “

“More than six weeks have passed since she and Capa came to Spain, as they moved hundreds of kilometers, they tried to thin the revolution and war through the camera.The fellow photographer Romeo Martinez said that Gerda He was quick to rotate and was a high motivation owner, and his approach to work was also fine and intuitive. “

“Tallow jumped into the masculine dominated society of war with the camera as a means.The determination of her warfare interception greatly highlights the difference with other female photographers who were active in Spain “.

“Gerda Tallow took a war as a protest against politics, the pictures she took in the real war are in contrast to the totalitarian art praising the uniform army and the ideal warrior Pictures of everyday life under wartime and portraits of ordinary people such as soldiers and the general public were counterarguments to the fascism art that praises death and modern technology.

“Tallow and Capa often shoot the same scene.”

“We all loved Gerda, the general (Walter) general was no exception, Gerda was a cute, innocent charm and beauty owner, all our divine praised the courage of this small daughter “.

“She was stuck in her internal organs by touching her belly forever, while being transported (overrun by tanks of runaway flying tanks and taken to the hospital with serious injury) … … It is possible to relieve pain as much as possible So Gerda was given enough morphine.When she regained consciousness once, asked: “My camera is okay? It is still a brand new.” Due to this accident, Gerda leaves this world as young as 26 years old.

“(After Gerda’s funeral) It was not only for the (father of Gerda) father that Capa loved Gerda Tallo seriously and deeply.In the end Capa was married to Gerda himself He wanted to think that he was a couple.I think that it was comforting to think so that he eventually began to talk to the surroundings, and that they came to Paris after they married.He met Gerda From early on, I told that I was going to share my life with her. ” “The fact that youngster (Capa), who just turned 24 years old (by Death of Gerda) stiffly locked in her own shell, that after that it did not make a strong relationship with anyone, a kind of busy coverage as a journalist I tried to live a life, these are as many episodes related to Capacity shows. “

“The discovery of the photographic material contained in the” Mexican suitcase “in 2007 gave Gerda Taro a firm position in the history of the photographs.The end of the interview in the midst of battle Tallow, the first female photographer who did it, had a great influence as a pioneer of war coverage.As she was a critical witness who carefully observed the times with esprit and camera as a weapon. ” “Strong composition, eye-to-eye and distance feeling, light effect, I recognized again, Gerda was a photographer.”

In the past, only Gerda’s attention as a lover of Capa has been drawing attention, but this exercise has succeeded in vividly reviving the courageous and excellent battlefield female photographer Gerda Tallow. This is a great achievement.


Gerda Taroはシュツットガルトで生まれ、ライプツィヒで教育を受けました。ヒットラーが首相に就任した1933年にパリでドイツを去り、来年はロバート・カパと出会いました。彼らは恋人になり、彼女はCapaの写真を宣伝し、キャプションを付けながら、彼女の写真技術を教えました。1936年にスペイン南北戦争が起こったとき、彼らはVu誌の執行のチームとしてそれをカバーしました。大衆戦線に乗って、彼らは国家主義軍を倒そうとしているロイア主義軍の活動に集中した。1937年までに、Capaは戦争の記録で有名になり、Taroは独立したフォトジャーナリストとして登場しました。彼女とカパは、アルメリアとムシアのスペイン難民の窮状を含め、その年の戦争のいくつかの側面をカバーしました。夏までには、タロは写真の遠足だけで十分な自信を持っていた。1937年7月ブルネッテで共和党の攻撃をカバーしながら、彼女は退去の混乱の中でロワイヤルの戦車に押しつぶされ、数日後に死亡した。太郎のスペイン南北戦争の写真は、カパやその他の写真家の影に覆われていますが、彼女の写真は戦争での個人の効果的な描写です。彼らのグラフィックのシンプルさと感情的な力は、彼女の小さな作品を複雑な戦争の記念すべき記録にしています。彼女の写真は戦争での個人の効果的な描写である。彼らのグラフィックのシンプルさと感情的な力は、彼女の小さな作品を複雑な戦争の記念すべき記録にしています。彼女の写真は戦争での個人の効果的な描写である。彼らのグラフィックのシンプルさと感情的な力は、彼女の小さな作品を複雑な戦争の記念すべき記録にしています。
Lisa Hostetler 
Handyら ガラス眼の反射:ニューヨーク国際写真館コレクションの作品:Bulfinch Press、International Center of Photography、1999年、p。229。

Gerda Taro出生于斯图加特,在莱比锡接受教育。1933年,当希特勒成为总理时,她离开德国前往巴黎,第二年,他遇到了罗伯特卡帕。他们成为了情人,当她宣传和加注卡帕的照片时,他教她摄影技巧。当西班牙内战在1936年爆发时,他们将其作为一个为Vu杂志任命的团队。他们支持人民阵线,专注于试图击败国民党军队的保皇派军队的活动。到1937年,卡帕因其战争记录而闻名,而且太郎凭借自己的权利成为独立的摄影记者。她和卡帕一起报道了当年战争的几个方面,包括西班牙难民在阿尔梅里亚和穆西亚的困境。到了夏天,太郎有足够的信心独自制作摄影短途旅行。在1937年7月覆盖共和党在布鲁内特的攻势时,她被一个保守派坦克压制在一个退却的混乱中,并在几天后死亡。虽然太郎的西班牙内战照片被卡帕和其他摄影师的照片所掩盖,但她的照片却是对战争中个人的有效描绘。他们的图形简洁和情感力量使她的小作品成为复杂战争的难忘纪事。她的照片是战争中个人的有效描绘。他们的图形简洁和情感力量使她的小作品成为复杂战争的难忘纪事。她的照片是战争中个人的有效描绘。他们的图形简洁和情感力量使她的小作品成为复杂战争的难忘纪事。
Lisa Hostetler 

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